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This collection presents the winners of the 1998 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival one-act play competition, selected from the eight ACTF designated regions of the country. Jon McGovern's Alter Egos gives us one man, nine crazy characters and "alotta laughs"; in Virginia Coates' Julia two men are in a hospital waiting room—one has just learned that his baby has died, the other is waiting for his to be born; Tom Gannon's Good Business, set in Detroit, is a delightful comedy about crime gone wrong; in Alison's Fields' April, Eve struggles to find commitment within her love relationships; James Hilburn's Upright shows us two homeless, small-time drug dealers who become entangled in a web of betrayal and violence; in Graham Gordy's Adult American Males, four All-American, hard-drinking, tough-talking guys have a surprising discovery; in Lee Rianda's All Things Being Equal, a writer has a life-changing conversation with a man she has just killed; and in Walter Wykes' The Father Clock, two actors and a stage manager are abandoned by their aging director. Now, as the auditorium begins to fill and the lights dim, they desperately attempt to pull the show together with the help of two items the director left behind: a promptbook that is cryptic and vague and a grandfather clock without hands.
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