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Professor, How Could You! - Full Length Play, Comedy

Professor, How Could You!

Anne Coulter Martens

Full Length Play, Comedy

5m, 5f

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Full Length Play


Men usually thought Vicky's pranks were cute, but Professor Perry curtly ordered Vicky to call and apologize or drop his course. Vicky sulkily obeyed. At the Perry home she overheard a bit of gossip: Professor Perry has been offered a deanship … if he can get a wife. His friend John and his family rally 'round to help. John offers his secretary, a curly-headed little minx who can't spell … an ideal wife! Grandma's candidate is Tootsie Bean, a bit plump, but a masterhand with lemon chiffon pie. Vicky, longing for revenge, proposes a friend Valerie, a Southern charmer who makes a fool out of every man she meets. Grandpa won't tell the name of his candidate! Convulsing scenes follow: Tootsie appears with a pie for the Professor. Her pugilist brother sees to it that he eats it! The three candidates come to dinner and wheedle and flatter the embarrassed Professor. Grandpa makes each think the Professor has proposed an elopement, and they all appear, ready for the dash to matrimony! There is pleny of comedy as the irate girls face each other—especially when, to save the situation, John dresses as a woman and comes weeping in, trailing three children after him and passing himself off as the Professor's long-lost wife! The three girls console themselves elsewhere. In a whirlwind finish, Grandpa's candidate wins, and the Professor finds a wife in the little spitfire Vicky! Choose this play and let your community laugh and forget its troubles. A hit everywhere.One int. set.


5m, 5f

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