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This delightful new anthology of short plays offers a wide variety of challenging roles for men and women over the age of 55. Short Stuffdramatizes the lives of distinctive and memorable characters such as Harriet, a 60-something dynamo who returns to college to earn her degree; Georgie and Sass who discover the power of laughter and acceptance in the face of adversity; Howard and Ellie who endure a stormy blind date arranged through a dating service; Edwin and Phyllis whose marriage survives the existence of Edwin's diary of women who have attracted his fancy; and Dick and Rusty who play out a romantic guntotin' fantasy of the Old West. And more: Mr. Ponazecki who laments the passing of a favorite hotel in his hometown of Chicago; a cleaning lady who feels like a queen when she steps into the shoes of a beauty pageant contestant; two sisters who come to terms with a husband's infidelity; a derelict and his relationship with a woman seeking the warmth of companionship; and two friends who learn that friendship is far more valuable than winning a jackpot in Las Vegas. These short pieces, requiring minimal production support, have been penned by Mark Steven Jensen, Douglas Hill, Claudia Allen, Earl Reimer, Irl Mowery, John Green, Jenny Laird, Nicole J. Burton, Mark Plaiss, Kent R. Brown, L.B. Hamilton, D.M. Bocaz-Larson, David Alex, Erik Ramsey, Violet Gunter and Bob May.


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Claudia Allen

Claudia Allen, a "master of small-town realism" according to Variety, created her adaptation of Stuart Dybek's "I Sailed With Magellan" as her homage to her theatrical hometown, Chicago. A founding member of Chicago's Victory Gardens Theater's Playwrights Ensemble, Allen's VGT premieres include I Sailed with Magellan, Winter and Fossils (both starring Julie Harris), Cahoots  ... view full profile

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David Alex

David Alex

David Alex has received three Grant awards from the Illinois Arts Council in Recognition in Playwriting and a Grant from the Pilgrim Foundation. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, Chicago's Joseph Jefferson Committee and the former Secretary of the Chicago alliance for Playwrights and the Illinois Theatre association. view full profile

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