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Us Blues - Collection / Anthology, Comedy

Us Blues

Greg Owens

Collection / Anthology, Comedy

ISBN: 9780881454758

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: Acting Edition

Collection / Anthology


PASTIME – “worthy of the long-forgotten sadism of Faulkner’s Jason Compson: real, brutal, and funny …  something Hunter S. Thompson might have thought up on a hallucinogenic trip in a stolen Caddie Vegas.  Great stuff.”  (Jeff Rice, Ryder Magazine). FISH BABY DREAMING – A woman dreams of catching swimming babies from a tank with a plunger. EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE – Aren’t tech support operators supposed to wait for you to call them?  Not at Computer Cult. THE LEPER VALLEY CONDO ASSOCIATION – Two Yuppies disguise themselves as lepers to try to get a sweet condo. WHITE TRASH BINGO – “a tasteless and derivative study of low brow caricatures… with no seeming purpose other than to make fun of their exaggerated egregiousness”  (T S Kerrigan, Drama-Logue). THE ROAD IS AN ASPHALT HOSTESS – “a welcome return to the American folk tradition of storytelling”  (Gabrielle Kaplan, Chicago Reader). BUFFALO ROAM –  Working stiffs Nick and Stan watch a gigantic herd of buffalo run wild through the streets of the city below as they ponder the meaning of these events and life itself. PABLO PICASSO TEACHES HIGH SCHOOL – Even though he’s still alive and looking for work, the greatest artist of the 20th century can’t get hired as a substitute high school art teacher because he isn’t certified. THE BASTARD CHILD OF EVEL KNIEVEL – A young girl and her mother watch Evel Knievel fail to jump Snake River Canyon while her dad leaves them both for his girlfriend. POETS ANONYMOUS – Romance.  Longing.  Amateur verse of questionable quality.  At Bud’s I-90 Truck Stop Casino Poetry Discussion Group in western Montana. AT THE INTERSECTION OF AGE AND RAGE – Angry youth meets pedantic elder at stoplight.  Mutual understanding does not ensue.


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