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Duet! - Full Length Play, Comedy


Gregory Jackson, Erin Purcell

Full Length Play, Comedy

5m, 2f

ISBN: 9780881451641

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: Acting Edition

Full Length Play


 "...This is the sort of comic impertinence at which Adobe Theater Company excels, and which bubbles forth with effervescent glee in DUET!, the downtown troupe's offbeat lampoon of the American way of mating. The show...is a delightful sendup of that wholesome staple, the boy-meets-girl story, and at the same time a bewitching spoof of the tacky Hollywood and Broadway values that over the years have made that story such a wonderfully easy target....   As much as it's intended to poke fun at modern romance, DUET! supplies a funny, running commentary on modern entertainment. ...the production plays continually with our collective show-biz sophistication. OKLAHOMA-style dream sequences, burlesque comics, B-movie melodramatics and even the Muppets come in for some delectable ribbing."Peter Marks, The New York Times   "...In DUET!...the [adobe theater] company has a winner on its hands....   With an onstage beatnik on the drums, a session with a Hula-Hoop and a `50s beer jingle greeting us as we arrive at the theater, there's no mistaking the era being evoked.   But if DUET is very much about yearning for a more innocent time than our own, it is also informed by an up-to-the-minute, downtown esthetic that entails collage—or cultural pastiche—and self-parody.   The action quickly comes to focus on the head-over-heels romance between Marcia...and Mike...."David Kaufman, Daily News"...DUET! is a fast, loose and totally demented love story, which parodies all things fabulistic—from Aesop's tales to 1950s Americana. Along the way, the sharp eight-member ensemble gets to poke fun at exotic dancers, cheesy emcees, embarrassing parents, horny frogs and singing trees (don't ask)...."Erik Jackson, Time Out


5m, 2f

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