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Ctrl + Alt + Delete - Full Length Play, Comedy

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Anthony Clarvoe

Full Length Play, Comedy

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9780881452549

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Full Length Play


 “Anthony Clarvoe's acerbic new comedy eavesdrops on the hot-wired world of high-pressure scheming and manipulation that accompanies a breakthrough in technology. It's an insinuating satire of glossy commercialism, laced with sharp, cynical humor. The play pops and crackles with witty dialogue....   Eddie Fisker is a junior analyst and the dubious mastermind behind an unnamed compact wireless unit referred to as the gizmo. The all-in-one, handheld communication device not only houses a pager and cell phone, but contains breakthrough technology expected to revolutionize the industry and turn the world on its ear   ….this smart, savage satire definitely has legs.”Robert L Daniels, Variety    “CTRL+ALT+DELETE is the keyboard command to start up a computer after it has crashed. The playwright, Anthony Clarvoe, provides an ingenious payoff that drives home the larger meaning of a jargonistic title, no matter if you're a technophobe or an information technology specialist. And that payoff is warming, the promise of a ray of hope for us all. It may sound odd that an inside look at insider antics and duplicities in the I P O (read: stock manipulation) game (read: racket) should turn upon its cynical self in time for an upbeat ending. Having it both ways is not the way of satire, and CTRL+ALT+DELETE has the smarts and social consciousness to rate as satire, true and unstinting. Against all odds, Mister Clarvoe pulls it off. Shameless image-making is laid bare, not to mention everyone's lust for cashing in.   …the playwright transforms a remorseless statement of single-minded contemporary savagery into an affirming ode to the visionary. The hard-boiled comedy with the cultish title turns out to be a morality play for everyman, its heartbeat unstilled.”Alvin Klein, New York Times


4m, 2f

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