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Bang - Full Length Play, Comedy


Laura Cunningham

Full Length Play, Comedy

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780881453003

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Full Length Play


 “Cunningham came up with the idea for this play while researching a story for the New York Times on survivalists, those people who are training and preparing so they can survive the end of the world. BANG is far from a documentary, however. Cunningham uses survivalists as the raw material for a preposterous black comedy that highlights one manifestation of our modern madness.”Tom Valeo, Chicago Herald   “Laura Cunningham's script tells how a couple of east-coast, neurasthenic, miserable, impotent, boom-generation failures named Len and Sheila Calendar visit their old friend Bev and her new husband Roy in Roy's underground, nuke-resistant condo in Utah...   Naturally Len and Sheila and Roy and Bev get stuck down there together.... Cunningham gives us all the predictable reversals, but BANG remains a hilarious analysis of who's going to join the cockroaches at the end of the world and why.   Hilarity: it's in the lines, of which I wrote down a great many that I'm not going to read back to you here. Suffice to say that Cunningham maintains a laugh-per-line radio about equal to Neil Simon's while remaining true to her situation and her considerable intelligence.”Anthony Alder, Reader   “BANG is more than a farce, however....   Cunningham has created a fantastic reality in her play, but within the nonsense are disturbing ideas that won't be received by an audience unless delivered through laughter.”Tom Valeo, Chicago Magazine


2m, 2f

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