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Love Loves A Pornographer - Full Length Play, Comedy

Love Loves A Pornographer

Jeff Goode

Full Length Play, Comedy

4m, 3f

ISBN: 9780881453850

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Full Length Play


 “Jeff Goode's deeply silly, thoroughly enjoyable period satire on sexual hypocrisy. Goode can tease the bejesus out of a comic premise, and his gleeful dismantling of the British gentry's corseted mores spins into an unhinged anarchy that would please past masters Wilde and Coward.”Los Angeles Times    “Few fellows have found fancier, funnier ways to turn a phrase than Jeff Goode, who with his new work pays homage to the humorous plays of the Victorian era and injects a healthy dose of modern edge to the clever dialogue, loaded with alliteration.”Back Stage    “Jeff Goode has fashioned a faux British Victorian farce that is linguistically bracing. A capable ensemble serves up arched barbs and ripostes.”Variety    “A perfectly calibrated send-up of English gothic literature.... Goode's clever writing comes marbled with alliterations and a well-sculpted structure…. Funny stuff!”L A Weekly    “Ingenious wordplay drives…verbal virtuoso Jeff Goode's…playful homage to drawing room comedy!”Houston Chronicle


4m, 3f


Jeff Goode

Jeff Goode is a director, producer, and author of over 50 plays, musicals, and children's shows includingTHE EIGHT: Reindeer Monologues, The UBU Plays, Seven Santas, The Adventures of Dick Piston, Hotel Detective, Princess Gray and the Black & White Knights, Romeo & Julius [Caesar], Savin' Up for Saturday Night, and Your Swash is Unbuckled (volume 1 & 2). He is the creator of the ... view full profile

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