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In Perpetuity Throughout The Universe - Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

In Perpetuity Throughout The Universe

Eric Overmyer

Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780881450651

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: Acting Edition

Full Length Play

Dark Comedy

  "Paranoia produces profits in the dark, dangerous world created by Eric Overmyer's IN PERPETUITY THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE, a strange, sinister comedy.... Overmyer is a dazzling verbal acrobat as well as a serious student of pop culture. Both linguist and cultural anthropologist get a workout here.... A darker expedition, probing the fears and prejudices of society. Overmyer makes it a wild unnerving ride."Michael Kuchwara, AP    "One of the most fascinating new scripts I've encountered in recent years.... Overmyer's intellectually nimble play does not yield to easy summary, but, in brief, it deals with bright young adults who ghost-write hatebooks for powerful bigots. Such is Overmyer's tricky dramaturgy that four members of the cast play both Good Guys and Bad Guys.... It deserves to find its way to the stages of many resident professional theaters."Wayne Johnson, Seattle Times    "Thanks to writing skills unequalled among American playwrights, brilliant wordsmith Eric Overmyer transforms all this paranoia into a theatrical witch-hunt titled IN PERPETUITY THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE.... Overmyer speaks from the heart of the Twentieth Century."Richard Stayton, Los Angeles Herald Examiner    "He makes you think. One thing he makes you think, by the way, is that he is cleverer than you are, which, at least in my case, is probably true, but not all that wise a thing for a playwright to stress. Audiences and critics prefer to be flattered rather than perplexed.... Overmyer is a writer to watch for, or at least watch out for. He wants to blow your mind."Clive Barnes, New York Post


3m, 3f

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