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Finer Noble Gases - Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

Finer Noble Gases

Adam Rapp

Full Length Play, Dark Comedy


ISBN: 9780881452662

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Full Length Play

Dark Comedy

 “A television blares in the background. A bloody child is carried into the room. And at least three kinds of bodily fluids are spilled. This can mean only one thing: Adam Rapp is back in town.   Mr Rapp has always written with the energy and tastefulness of a punk rock band, so it should come as no surprise that his latest , FINER NOBEL GASES, follows the drugged-out members of an East Village rock group who waste away their days in front of the television, their eyes half-open, looking almost comatose.   In 2000 Mr Rapp burst on the scene with NOCTURNE, a highly praised monologue about a piano prodigy living in the shadow of the death of his sister. Since then he has written a handful of grimly poetic plays including FASTER, TRUEBLINKA and STONE COLD DEAD SERIOUS—none of which you would probably want to take your grandmother to.   The hallmarks of a play by Mr Rapp are slangy, potent dialogue; a dark, often baroque worldview; and a deep wallowing in the gratuitous....   Mr Rapp is aiming for something much more grand and metaphysical than just another mundane tale of arrested development.”Jason Zinoman, The New York Times    “Rapp has concocted a smelly brew here, but like all poisons it can be intoxicatingly fun to watch other people imbibe the stuff….” Robert Hofler, Variety 



Adam Rapp

Adam Rapp

Adam Rapp is a novelist, filmmaker, playwright and director. In 2006, he was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his play Red Light Winter. His other plays include Bingo with the Indians, Kindness, American Sligo, Nocturne, Blackbird, Stone Cold Dead Serious, Finer Noble Gases, Essential Self Defense, Trueblinka, and Faster. As a director, his production of Blackbird received two Drama ... view full profile

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