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Bingo With The Indians - Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

Bingo With The Indians

Adam Rapp

Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

4m, 3f

ISBN: 9780881454048

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Full Length Play

Dark Comedy

  “The ideas and sometimes the actors ricochet around the stage with such energy and scattershot purpose in Adam Rapp’s BINGO WITH THE INDIANS that they might be in a pinball machine. A dark comedy that starts with a sitcom premise and finally invokes questions about the meaning of life, the play spins out of control, but that forgivable chaos comes from a writer who hasn’t reined in his overabundance of ideas.   The entire play is set in a shabby New England motel where three members of a New York theater group have arrived with a scheme: They’ll steal the cash box from the local church bingo (it happens to be Indian night) and use the money to rent a performance space back home….   BINGO WITH THE INDIANS explores themes that run through other Rapp plays (most prominently, RED LIGHT WINTER; most recently, AMERICAN SLIGO): how far people will go to get what they want; how they face desires they barely knew they had; how grief seeps to the surface, and pent-up rage explodes.”Caryn James, The New York Times


4m, 3f

Adam Rapp

Adam Rapp

Adam Rapp is a novelist, filmmaker, playwright and director. In 2006, he was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his play Red Light Winter. His other plays include Bingo with the Indians, Kindness, American Sligo, Nocturne, Blackbird, Stone Cold Dead Serious, Finer Noble Gases, Essential Self Defense, Trueblinka, and Faster. As a director, his production of Blackbird received two Drama ... view full profile

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