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Pure Shock Value - Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

Pure Shock Value

Matt Pelfrey

Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

3m, 1f

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Full Length Play

Dark Comedy

 “Think the Hollywood satire has been done to death? Think again. Playwright Matt Pelfrey sets the format's tired tropes of murderous Tinseltown greed among the most desperately delusional of wannabe edgy filmmakers and snarks them up with ever more outrageous sex, gore, movie jokes and violence. …SHOCK pulls off the rare feat of becoming funnier and more acute the more over-the-top it goes.”Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle   “Matt Pelfrey's PURE SHOCK VALUE brilliantly updates the scathingly bleak Hollywood satire for a post-Tarantino generation of Silver Lake slackers.”Rob Avila, S F Bay Guardian   “You'll laugh, you'll feel terrible for laughing, and you'll laugh some more watching this Grand Guignol send-up of those trying to make it in Tinseltown.”Matt Sussman, S F Flavorpill   “Astonishingly witty dialogue and riotous situations.”Kevin Langson, EDGE SF    “PURE SHOCK VALUE is a great black comedy.”Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway


3m, 1f

Matt Pelfrey

Matt Pelfrey

Matt Pelfrey is the resident playwright at Furious Theatre. His plays include An Impending Rupture of the Belly, Cockroach Nation, Terminus Americana, Honkies with Attitude, Gore Hounds, Drive Angry, FrEAk StORm, Jerry Springer is God, John Ball's In the Heat of the Night, and Monkey and A Feast of Famine. They have been produced in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and South Africa by such companies ... view full profile

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