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Plays By Eugene O'Neill: Early Full-Length Plays - Collection / Anthology, Drama

Plays By Eugene O'Neill: Early Full-Length Plays

Eugene O'Neill

Collection / Anthology, Drama

ISBN: 9780881451818

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Collection / Anthology


This collection contains three full-length plays: BEYOND THE HORIZON, THE EMPEROR JONES, and ANNA CHRISTIE. These three plays have just recently come into the public domain and this collection marks a new direction for Broadway Play Publishing Inc's PLAYS BY... series. As other full-length American plays fall out of copyright, we will to continue to showcase the important playwrights of the early part of the century. BEYOND THE HORIZON: Winner of the 1920 Pulitzer Prize for Drama   "...an absorbing, significant, and memorable tragedy... ...a playwright of real power and imagination...   ...the play has greatness in it and marks O'Neill as one of our foremost playwrights..."Alexander Woolcott, Times   "Only once or twice in the course of the dramatic season does a play of such terrific force and such simple directness award the patient theatrical chroniclers..."Robert Gilbert Welsh, Evening Telegram   "...this season's most notable play of a serious theme and purpose by an American author..."World. THE EMPEROR JONES:   "...for strength and originality [O'Neill] has no rivals among the American writers for the stage."Alexander Woolcott, Times   "An odd and extraordinary play, written with imaginative genius..."Kenneth Macgowan, Globe   "...the most interesting play which has yet come from the most promising playwright in America..."Heywood Broun, Tribune. ANNA CHRISTIE: Winner of the 1922 Pulitzer Prize for Drama   "...a rich and salty play that grips the attention with the rise of the first curtain and holds it fiercely to the end....a play written with that abundant imagination, that fresh and venturesome mind and that sure instinct for the theatre which set this young author apart..."Alexander Woollcott, Times


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Eugene O'Neill

Eugene O'Neill

When Eugene O’Neill (1888 – 1953) began writing for the stage early in the 20th century, the American theatre was dominated by vaudeville and romantic melodramas. Influenced by Strindberg, Ibsen, and other European playwrights, O’Neill vowed to create a theatre in America, stripped of false sentimentality, which would explore the deepest stirrings of the human spirit. In 1914, he wrote: “I want to ... view full profile

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