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Plays By Karen Sunde - Collection / Anthology, Drama

Plays By Karen Sunde

Karen Sunde

Collection / Anthology, Drama

ISBN: 9780881451924

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Collection / Anthology


This collection contains three full-length plays: HOW HIS BRIDE CAME TO ABRAHAM, TRUTH TAKES A HOLIDAY, and IN A KINGDOM BY THE SEA. HOW HIS BRIDE CAME TO ABRAHAM:   "HOW HIS BRIDE CAME TO ABRAHAM creates an extraordinary modern pacifist myth in which a wounded male Israeli soldier and a female Palestinian terrorist experience each other's passionate hunger for their homes and rights...   ...it indelibly etches itself upon viewers' souls because of the human encounter, as wary people drop their guard with an enemy." Contemporary Dramatists   "...The two character play happens in the stormy Israel-occupied zone of southern Lebanon, just north of Israel. In classic ROMEO AND JULIET fashion, the play centers upon the romance between young people on warring sides—an Israeli soldier and an Arab woman...."Michael Sommers, The Star-Ledger. TRUTH TAKES A HOLIDAY:   "In TRUTH TAKES A HOLIDAY, a quartet of the President, the First Lady and his and hers aides engage in a game of Truth or Dare. The audience knows the outcome, yet this only enhances Karen Sunde's insightful comedy of political manners about the first twenty-four hours in the White House after the news of a presidential sex-scandal breaks.   A quick-paced exercise in political and personal recognition cleverly articulated by the best and brightest of the boomers and their protégés. How much fun to watch lawyers talking about sex!"George Ferencz. IN A KINGDOM BY THE SEA:   "...IN A KINGDOM BY THE SEA, a drama that grew out of the abduction and subsequent death of Marine Lieutenant Colonel William R Higgins, who worked for the U N peacekeeping force...." Susan Brooks, Independent Press   "...Ms Sunde had traveled to the Middle East to research a play about the U N's peacekeeping forces--a body she considers to be an evolutionary step forward for mankind. However, an attempt to stage her work, IN A KINGDOM BY THE SEA, at the United Nations was aborted. From the high in the hierarchy came the suggestion that the play might be too `controversial'...."The New York Observer


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