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Plays By Donald Freed, Volume Two - Collection / Anthology, Drama

Plays By Donald Freed, Volume Two

Donald Freed

Collection / Anthology, Drama

ISBN: 9780881452211

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Collection / Anthology


This collection contains three full-length plays: THE WHITE CROW, THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, and HOW SHALL WE BE SAVED?    “Donald Freed is a writer of blazing imagination, courage and insight. His work is a unique and fearless marriage of politics and art. I take my hat off to him.”Harold Pinter   “The play's unapologetically political author, Donald Freed, has made a career of hunting out horror as well as humanity in an age that seems bent on self-destruction.”Los Angeles Times   “We are in the presence of an outstanding dramatic artist, one of huge intelligence, political daring and theatrical imagination.”The Gate Theatre, Dublin. DEVIL'S ADVOCATE:   “…there are plenty of interpersonal fireworks exploding between the two characters who bring this two-act work alive. But the biggest explosions are reserved for the U.S. military, as this production is set during the Yanqui invasion of Panama in 1989, the so-called “Operation Just Cause.”   That duo of aforementioned characters is Archbishop Jose Sebastian Laboa and General Manuel Antonio Noriega. …the main force generating conflict in DEVIL’S ADVOCATE is none other than politics.   Imperialism, covert actions, narco-trafficking, gun running, terrorism, torture, psyops, money laundering, the Panama Canal, the Contras, Fidel, George H W Bush (hell’s hottest seat is reserved for this evil genius of mediocrity and his satanic son), et al, form the complex backdrop to a fairly simple plot. During Bush’s invasion of Panama, Noriega flees to the Papal Nuncio, the archbishop’s residence, to seek—in the immortal words of Quasimodo—sanctuary. There, “Pineapple Face” (as the pockmarked Noriega was derisively called) confesses his “sins” to Laboa, who—as the Vatican’s Grand Inquisitor—served, literally, as the eponymous “Devil’s Advocate.” Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive.  HOW SHALL WE BE SAVED: “With HOW SHALL WE BE SAVED? Freed has created a heady psychological whodunit that questions both past and present in order to give us some insight into our fragile lives and collective future.”The Hollywood Reporter. “HOW SHALL WE BE SAVED? [is] succinct and powerful… THE WHITE CROW [is] taut, tense, intense…dangerous and demanding.”Royal Shakespeare Company


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