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Plays By Joe Pintauro: Full Length Plays - Collection / Anthology, Drama

Plays By Joe Pintauro: Full Length Plays

Joe Pintauro

Collection / Anthology, Drama

ISBN: 9780881452709

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Collection / Anthology


This collection contains three full-length plays: SNOW ORCHID, RAFT OF THE MEDUSA, and THE DEAD BOY. SNOW ORCHID: "Pintauro has fully inherited the best tradition of American playwriting; his post-Ibsen use of symbols and metaphors from the natural world, his lyricism and his wit make him resemble Tennesee Williams in particular."Alastair Macaulay, Financial Times (London)   “Reeks of passion and authenticity and is slap bang in the American tradition of LONG DAY'S JOURNEY.”Michael Coveny, The Observer (London)   “Pintauro reveals a talent for dramatizing grand passions with almost operatic vigor. He unleashes a volcanic uproar of affection, obscenities and physical abuse worthy of Raging Bull.”Frank Rich, The New York Times. RAFT OF THE MEDUSA: "The question of forgiveness is angled here even more uncomfortably than in ANGELS IN AMERICA, Donald's unforgiven ghost haunts the group session which Pintauro presents to us in all its heart-wrenching, recrimination ridden and blackly comical emotional messiness."Paul Taylor, The Independent, (London)   “No AIDS play that I can recall examines the subject as thoroughly as RAFT OF THE MEDUSA, or is as intellectually honest.”The Wall Street Journal   “Pintauro's dialogue is propulsive, humorous and blistering...[it] gives only the appearance of being raw. On the inside, it's tuned like a clock.”The Los Angeles Times   “RAFT grabs, holds and harrows. Unquestionably hits home and hits hard. Emphatically worth seeing.”Clive Barnes, The New York Post.  THE DEAD BOY: “Whether you see the play as a loss of innocence, an abuse of power or an ill fated love story, THE DEAD BOY is a modern-day gothic drama, every bit as tragic and sensational as the headlines about the Catholic church.”Marlene Canty, Asbury Park Press    “When the boy, only symbolically dead, stands up, stares at heaven to look god in the eye, and swears he'll never do what he's about to do, then goes ahead and does it, the earth stands still. But when the boy cuts his throat, noiselessly, with an invisible blade, the world stood still again, and even god was appalled. THE DEAD BOY is one of the best experiences I've ever had in a theater.”Mark Howell, Solares Hill, Key West   “More than I could have expected from all aspects of this emotionally startling and passionately performed play.”Dan Johnson, redbank.com


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