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Plays By Lynn Alvarez: Later Plays And Selected Poems - Collection / Anthology, Drama

Plays By Lynn Alvarez: Later Plays And Selected Poems

Lynne Alvarez

Collection / Anthology, Drama

ISBN: 9780881453942

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Collection / Anthology


ESPERANZA RISING: The Star Tribune (Minneapolis) named ESPERANZA RISING the Outstanding New Show of 2006. “ESPERANZA is a story about the past that pushes into the present. In the 1930s, a well-to-do Mexican adolescent is cluelessly callous toward the hardships of the family’s household help. When her landowner father dies, her life is upended. Esperanza travels several rungs down in class, winding up in a U S migrant workers’ camp…What makes ESPERANZA most winning is that a story so susceptible to bathos is told without guile or artifice. What this little girl loses in privilege, she gains in empathy and experience.” -Rohan Preston, Star Tribune; ROMOLA AND NIJINSKY: While the dance world celebrated Vaslav Nijinsky’s meteoric rise to fame in the early 1900s, few were privy to the private side of this creative genius. This bold new play explores Nijinsky’s shipboard courtship of, and marriage to, Romola DePulsky, a relationship that would span thirty years, weathering his exile and frequent bouts of madness.; THE SNOW QUEEN: “…Lynne Alvarez’s THE SNOW QUEEN—a delicate, perfumed script produced with exquisite artistry. The New York playwright, who has been living in Dallas the last two years, has created a song of innocence and experience. Youthful innocence suffers, no doubt, when it comes up against the world’s cruelties. But it learns wisdom that way, if it chooses to….Perhaps some folks might find THE SNOW QUEEN just too rarified and artful to constitute a good time. Magic theater isn’t for some. I pity them.” -Lawson Taitte, The Dallas Morning News


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