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Romance Of Magno Rubio, The - Full Length Musical, Drama

Romance Of Magno Rubio, The

Carlos Bulosan, Lonnie Carter, Ralph B. Pena

Full Length Musical, Drama


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Full Length Musical


 “If the Rainbow Coalition had a playwrights' wing, Lonnie Carter would be a leading candidate to chair it.”Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times   “The high-priest of multicultural hiphop, Lonnie Carter, brought his übertheatricality to a movingly simple story of Filipino migrant workers scratching their way toward love and self-worth.”Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune   "There may be no bouquets of flowers or Michel Legrand love songs in THE ROMANCE OF MAGNO RUBIO, but this unusual eighty minute fable...has much to say about the world's most delicate emotion. Playwright Lonnie Carter uses an intriguing mixture of verse, music and dialogue.”Brian Scott Lipton, The New York Post   “The play is virtually musical. Lonnie Carter's text throbs with rhyme and rhythm.”Don Shirley, The Los Angeles Times   “THE ROMANCE OF MAGNO RUBIO is one of those theatrical gems that heals your heart even as it breaks it. A magnificent piece of deeply humanistic storytelling…. This is the tall tale of a man who may be small in stature and worldly goods, but is gigantic in his ability to believe in himself and his dreams—or at least in his ability to keep self-delusion alive. It is classic in its outline. But it is distinctive in the way Carter's lyrical yet powerfully rhythmic language (English laced with bursts of Tagalog, a Filipino language) melds sounds and cultures.”Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times   “One of the best off-Broadway plays of the season.”The New York Times   “A beautifully conceived fable.”Variety



Lonnie Carter

Lonnie Carter

Lonnie Carter received a 2003 Obie Award for his play The Romance of Magno Rubio, produced by the Ma-Yi Theatre Company. His plays also include China Calls, The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy, The Gulliver Plays (Lemuel, Gulliver, and Gulliver Redux, published by Broadway Play Publishing), Baby Glo, Wheatley (the Colonial HippeHoppe story of Phillis Wheatley), Concerto Chicago, and most ... view full profile

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