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Clouds Hill - Full Length Play, Drama

Clouds Hill

Charles Evered

Full Length Play, Drama

2m, 1f

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   “In CLOUDS HILL, the war on terror storms the ivory tower. Playwright Charles Evered studies the shadow of suspicion as it is cast on a student at a Midwestern liberal arts college. In a post 9/11 world, when the student is of Middle Eastern descent, and his specialty is chemistry, the results can be explosive.… Evered has plotted an ideological triangle among Michael, a pushy former military man primed to see threats coming from all sides; Jane, a painfully politically correct professor suspicious of homeland security measures; and Ahmad, a brilliant but mysterious student. One doubt hovers above them all; is Ahmad a terrorist in hiding? Or, is his only sin being a Muslim caught in the net of racial profiling? As the tale unfolds, Evered keeps the atmosphere taut with suspense.… Evered isn’t afraid to push our buttons about sexuality, as well as race and religion. The language is often heated, sometimes raw, as conservative and liberal view points each are aired with great fervor…CLOUDS HILL definitely takes the pulse of the country as it is—a place divided by confusion and fear…a work that demands something of the viewer, some thought about the world and examination of self.”San Jose Mercury News


2m, 1f

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