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Upcity Service(S) - Full Length Play, Drama

Upcity Service(S)

Dominic Taylor

Full Length Play, Drama

ISBN: 9780881452655

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: Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Jacqueeda needs four dollars and sixty cents to go to her mother's boyfriend’s funeral, and buy him a headstone. She needs to make a detour to the racetrack to earn the rest of the money. She is looking for help from her friend Poppy. Poppy is looking for Jacqueeda, because he has learned from the scriptures that are the New York Post that a local Deacon has won the lottery. This transpires on the street corner where the Deacon's Lincoln Continental is parked. They try to accomplish their tasks early in the morning while; Canute, a West Indian man, goes about working his many jobs, including caring for Muhammad's rug, and Sister Berring tries to build a shelter, for someone. This play also has music cascading down onto the street corner, from eight televisions in windows above. The play is a new look at a secularized service about a search for service.
Dominic Taylor

Dominic Taylor

Dominic Taylor is a St. Paul, Minnesota based writer/director for theater. Wedding Dance was produced at the Kennedy Center (Washington, D.C.) by the African Continuum Theatre Company. The same organization produced his play Personal History at the same venue. Wedding Dance was also produced at Crossroads Theatre Company in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in the spring of 1997. This play was a ... view full profile

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