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Willy's Cut And Shine - Full Length Play, Drama

Willy's Cut And Shine

Michael Bradford

Full Length Play, Drama


ISBN: 9780881452693

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Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


In the year 1950, in a small Southern town of Durham, Georgia, Louis, a prominent black businessman, is murdered in the middle of the street. The regulars inside Willy's Cut and Shine Barbershop all witness the murder and watch the murderer casually stroll to his car. The question between the men in the shop; the dead man's brother, the elders, and the young men just returning from World War II, is the simple question of what is to be done. In the barbershop, the dead man's blood refuses to come up, and a brutal winter has frozen the wetlands of the Negro graveyard, cracking every pick laid to it. Quite literally, the problems will simply not leave them be. To this we add a Sheriff who abdicates responsibility, a young gambling junkie back home from Chicago, ghosts from the battlefields of France and Germany, a murderer who wants more than the dead man's blood, and the possibility of a soul's redemption or destruction. At the end of this drama, every character must decide what they are willing to do to see another sunrise.



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