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Poor Folk's Pleasure - Full Length Play, Drama

Poor Folk's Pleasure

Len Jenkin

Full Length Play, Drama

4m, 1f

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Full Length Play


 “Len Jenkin not only has a vivid imagination, but he also has an artist's command of his craft.”New York Times    “Len Jenkin has an unusual talent for reaching into shadowy places in the human psyche and coming up with evocative images.”Journal American (Seattle)    “Jenkin's plays have plenty of plot and delicious language, but the transience of experience is the main theme that runs through Jenkin's work. He manipulates theatrical illusions with a playful manner that recalls Jorge Luis Borges, to disguise meditations on mortality.”Village Voice (New York)    “Jenkin explores many of the raw nerve ends in our society; the deep need to believe an absolute, while at the same time reveling in the gratification of the present; the difference between titillation and satisfaction; the bizarre nature of reality; and the real nature of the bizarre.”Times, (Seattle)


4m, 1f

Len Jenkin

Len Jenkin

Len Jenkin is a playwright, screenwriter, and director. His plays include Kraken, Margo Veil, Dark Ride, Pilgrims of the Night, Careless Love, My Uncle Sam, Limbo Tales, and Like I Say. His works for the stage, often directed by him, have been produced throughout the United States, as well as in England, France, Germany, and Japan. His films include Blame It On the Night, Welcome to Oblivion, ... view full profile

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