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Lincolnesque - Full Length Play, Drama


John Strand

Full Length Play, Drama

3m, 1f

ISBN: 9780881453355

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Full Length Play


“Socially relevant without ever becoming preachy, clever enough to pass for cynical but also so subtly moving that its emotional payoff comes as a surprise, John Strand's new comedy is a political fantasy, a notoriously difficult genre, and it works, [presenting] politics in our nation's capital with a kind eye for human foibles and an unerring sagacity…. The play flirts with a serious debate on madness as a social construct, as a defense against madness and cruelty on a larger scale. But it remains a comedy, albeit a deadly serious one…. LINCOLNESQUE offers no easy answers. It simply lets us laugh as we begin to grapple with some truly horrifying questions.”Octavio Roca, Miami New Times    “John Strand’s beyond-smart-and-clever new play is a fascinating and philosophical exploration of what it takes to survive in an insane world; when and by what means we check out; what is truly important; and what is wrong with politics and, by extension, America. Strand manages to imbue his characters with humanity and the ability, however obliquely, to address these issues.”Charlene Baldridge, San Diego News    “Fiendishly clever and soberingly serious, LINCOLNESQUE is the most entertaining civics lesson you are likely to encounter… One part fantasy and on part satire, the play still manages to be smart, smart-mouthed and timely. It could easily be labeled a comedy if what it says about us and those we vote to govern us were not so sad.”Hap Erstein, Palm Beach Post    “Both a biting satire and a stirring drama, the poignant and funny LINCOLNESQUE is a scathing indictment of the moral detritus that takes place in Washington, DC… Francis actually believes he is Abraham Lincoln. Or does he? One of the great things about John Strand’s script is that it keeps you guessing.”Dan Hudak, Coral Gables Gazette    “Provocative…brisk and suspenseful…Strand’s characters are compelling. The insights about war, politics and our undying need for a hero really hit home. My husband and I discussed the play for hours; like Francis, we couldn’t agree on the line between fantasy and reality.”Pat Launer, K P B S/National Public Radio


3m, 1f

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