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Arrow To The Heart - Full Length Play, Drama

Arrow To The Heart

Allan Havis

Full Length Play, Drama

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780881454796

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Full Length Play


 “One young man’s experience of grief and loss. A fraught father-son relationship, a tight mother-son bond. Nathan is lost and confused, trying to revisit and understand himself and the last twelve months of his life. His mother was erroneously diagnosed with cervical cancer. Heartache Number One. Then his successful, entrepreneurial father, being hounded by the I R S, is in peril of imprisonment. During the traumatic process, Dad suffers a life-threatening heart attack and later, a stroke. Nathan’s safe, self-involved little world—his parents at a geographical distance, his girlfriend kept at an emotional distance, his academic life far away from the family business—spirals out of control.   He has to be forced to remember, look back, process the whole series of events, by an other-worldly muse of memory…   There’s a poetic and ethereal quality…   There’s a deep and moving family story here, a parable for our times. As a new work, it shows considerable potential.” -Pat Launer, San Diego News Network


2m, 2f

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