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Plays By Edwin Sanchez - Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

Plays By Edwin Sanchez

Edwin Sanchez

Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

ISBN: 9780881451290

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: Acting Edition

Collection / Anthology

Dramatic Comedy

This collection contains three full-length plays: CLEAN, FLOOR SHOW: DONA SOL AND HER TRAINED DOG, and TRAFFICKING IN BROKEN HEARTS.  CLEAN:  “The forms of love that dare not speak their names are pretty scarce in this age of the tabloid talk shows. But that hasn't stopped Edwin Sanchez, a new playwright of tremendous emotional conviction...   How do you feel, for example, about a thirty year-old Roman Catholic priest in love with a ten year-old boy? The relationship—which, it should probably be noted right away, is never consummated—is at the center of CLEAN....   Mr Sanchez is a wide-eyed, unregenerate romantic who uses what he describes as `impossible' relationships to consider and celebrate the arbitrariness of love.   In a sense, the play is like a contemporary MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM in which the passion-drunk characters, rather than being sorted into socially acceptable pairs, learn to live in a world ruled by a blind Cupid. It is a theme Mr Sanchez explored in TRAFFICKING IN BROKEN HEARTS, an unsettling drama about a doomed gay triangle....   He is, in other words, a playwright to watch closely.”Ben Brantley, The New York Times FLOOR SHOW: DONA SOL AND HER TRAINED DOG: Reality and fantasy collide as a son—just out of a mental institution—and his mother—a former hooker, now a fortune teller—battle for the truth regarding the death of a daughter who may never have existed.  TRAFFICKING IN BROKEN HEARTS:“Playwright Edwin Sanchez makes a promising New York debut with TRAFFICKING IN BROKEN HEARTS, a grim, streetwise and bracingly compassionate work....   ...he convinces with the honesty of his writing and a canny, thoughtful grasp of his trio of characters.   The playwright does an especially effective job in penning the gray shades of his characters....”Greg Evans, Variety


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