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Plays By Lonnie Carter - Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

Plays By Lonnie Carter

Lonnie Carter

Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

ISBN: 9780881451344

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Collection / Anthology

Dramatic Comedy

This collection contains three full-length plays, collectively known as The Gulliver Trilogy: LEMUEL, GULLIVER, and GULLIVER REDUX. LEMUEL: "In his language-drunk play LEMUEL, Lonnie Carter has drawn on everything from the spiraling patter of modernist writers Gertrude Stein and James Joyce, to the embroidered exhortations of Jesse Jackson, to the infectious rhythms of rap, hip-hop and funk.... LEMUEL is dazzling chamber theater."Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times    "If one man's story can speak for his time, then Lonnie Carter's LEMUEL sings it in jumping jive talk, ragged rhythms, choral chanting, hip-hop tongue twisters and the rolling thunder of a civil rights sermon."Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Reader. GULLIVER:"The verbal and narrative gyrations of a Lonnie Carter play are no more daunting than whipping through a maelstrom on water skis.... GULLIVER, Mr Carter's latest explosion, takes the hero of Jonathan Swift's satire on a tour that makes American politics seem even more lunatic than it is."D J R Bruckner, The New York Times   "GULLIVER at the Berkshire Public Theater shows Carter at his most brilliant...a SKIN OF OUR TEETH for the '90s."Malcolm Johnson, The Hartford Courant.  GULLIVER REDUX:"Lonnie Carter's GULLIVER TRILOGY screams and laughs like the irreverent love-child of Jonathan Swift, Joan of Arc and George Clinton. The wild maze of Carter's satiric language propels you on a wondrous journey into the confusion of dark hatreds and heavenly aspirations swirling in America's heart. As one who gleefully follows Mr Carter's travels my only advice is, enjoy the trip!"Neel Keller, Artistic Associate, La Jolla Playhouse


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Lonnie Carter

Lonnie Carter

Lonnie Carter received a 2003 Obie Award for his play The Romance of Magno Rubio, produced by the Ma-Yi Theatre Company. His plays also include China Calls, The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy, The Gulliver Plays (Lemuel, Gulliver, and Gulliver Redux, published by Broadway Play Publishing), Baby Glo, Wheatley (the Colonial HippeHoppe story of Phillis Wheatley), Concerto Chicago, and most ... view full profile

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