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Resident Alien - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Resident Alien

Stuart Spencer

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

5m, 1f

ISBN: 9780881452419

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: Acting Edition

Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

 “It’s not often you see a space alien in orange Converses and a Wisconsin K-mart employee expound upon Kirkegaard in the woods.   RESIDENT ALIEN, a comedy by Stuart Spencer, is filled with such suprisingly funny scenes.   RESIDENT ALIEN is hilarious...the dialogue is snappy with lots of local flavor, and the characters interact well with each other...this show is both heart-warming and delightful.   The best part of this show is not the kooky humor, and it’s not the Fargo-ish Wisconsin accents. What makes RESIDENT ALIEN so exceptional is that it manages to reveal a number of insights about intelligence, culture and a sense of belonging without being too obvious about it.”Jenny Sandman, Louisville Eccentric Observer   “RESIDENT ALIEN is a sweet and quirky comedy set in an anonymous small town in northeastern Wisconsin....   It’s the characters that set RESIDENT ALIEN apart from television fodder. They are interesting, likeable and cut just enough against stereotype to be refreshingly funny....   Additional humor is found in small town insularity. Most of the characters, who are approaching middle age, are still playing out grudges and slights from their adolescent years.”Damien Jones, Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee 


5m, 1f

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