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Beautiful Bodies - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Beautiful Bodies

Laura Cunningham

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy


ISBN: 9780881452426

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

  “Cunningham displays a knack for smart, catty chatter...   ...the sophisticated and often funny repartee contribute to the play’s swiftness and appeal. The parts very nearly play themselves, needing only some seasoned pros to add the right dash of pepper and spice.”Variety   “It’s a juicy, jazzy party, with a bottomless punch bowl of wit.”Bob Campbell, The Star-Ledger   “So Claire is pregnant, and they all know that, but none of her five friends have spoken to her in six months. This is her baby shower. The six guests met in college and are the women of playwright Laura Cunningham’s engaging and witty dramatic comedy BEAUTIFUL BODIES....   Real women—and the men in their lives—certainly talk about this stuff and playwright Laura Shaine Cunningham isn’t afraid to write it down. She gives her characters honest lines, lines that reveal the `secret life’, the essence of our most intimate moments.”Dufflyn Lammers, Savannah Morning News   “Playwright Laura Cunningham’s razor-sharp ear for dialogue carries the whole thing along like a breeze. Segues from the banal into the profound are natural, and the emotional tenor never wavers. Cunningham’s ability to reveal characters’ innermost insecurities via their reactions to hors d’oeuvres recalls the intense party sequences in works by British stage and screenwriter/director Mike Leigh....   Cunningham also shares with Leigh an adroit sense of social cruelty and does a wonderful job of illustrating women’s penchant for both attacking and protecting each other’s weaknesses.”Ada Calhoun, The Austin Chronicle 



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