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Girls In Trouble - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Girls In Trouble

Jonathan Reynolds

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

3m, 4f

ISBN: 9780881454611

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

 “GIRLS IN TROUBLE is the most thought-provoking (and also the funniest) play I’ve seen in New York since—well, since May 1997, when I saw (twice) STONEWALL JACKSON’S HOUSE, Reynolds’s razor-sharp play about race and political correctness….   In GIRLS IN TROUBLE, Reynolds tackles another impossible subject: abortion….   The adjective “Shavian” occurs frequently in discussions of Jonathan Reynolds’s work. Old Bernard was in many ways a crackpot; he was certainly a political ignoramus of the first water. But he was an effective playwright because he excelled in dramatizing difficult ideas—ideas, that is, that were difficult because they were at odds with his audience’s prejudices and preconceptions. Reynolds is indeed Shavian in this sense. In articles and interviews, he is invariably described as “conservative” or listing rightwards. I have no idea about the nature of his personal political convictions. But GIRLS IN TROUBLE is not a conservative play….”Roger Kimball, The Weekly Standard    “…GIRLS IN TROUBLE, Jonathan Reynolds’s bracing assault on assumptions about the right to choose abortion.   …he also goes places intellectually and dramatically that no left-wing dramatist would dare. At times that’s thrilling. In a Shavian provocation for the age of Fox News, this play tells three disturbing and loosely connected stories—from the 1960s, the 1980s and the present—about the conflicts surrounding abortion….”Jason Zinoman, The New York Times


3m, 4f

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