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3 Contemporary Brazilian Plays

3 Contemporary Brazilian Plays

Leilan Assumpcao, Consuelo de Castro, Plinio Marcos

ISBN: 9780924047305

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Trade Paperback

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Drama. Latino/Latina Studies. Translated from the Portuguese by various. The 2nd Edition of THREE CONTEMPORARY BRAZILIAN PLAYS reintroduces three of Brazil's most dynamic and gifted playwrights to the English-speaking audience. "Plinio Marcos' Two Lost in the Filthy Night shows language as the only possession of two paupers living in claustrophobic conditions. The rapid and vigorous dialogue lashes out, enclosing the reader in a brutal game. Leilah Assumpcao, in Moist Lips, Quiet Passion, dramatizes the sexual life of a couple trying to achieve their Big Orgasm. They remember their frustrating games by the dates of the military coups. Existence is possible only through games. In Walking Papers by Consuleo de Castro, a man and a woman interact in fragmented situations bordering on insanity. There is no reference to socio-political events, but the obsessive language and the exacerbating rituals of the claustrophobic relationship projects the shadow of the repressive system"--Miriam Balboa Echeverria.
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