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500 Essential Cult Movies: The Ultimate Guide

500 Essential Cult Movies: The Ultimate Guide

Jennifer Eiss, JP Rutter, Steve White

ISBN: 9781402774867

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Trade Paperback

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From Fritz Lang's futuristic "Metropolis "(1927) to "The Big Lebowski" and its much-loved Dude, these 500 movies inspire passion among film fans Here is the most definitive collection of cinematic cult classics ever compiled, complete with synopses, reviews, photos, and viewing recommendations. The marquee showcases such favorite directors as John Carpenter, David Cronenberg. Jean-Jacques Beineix, David Lynch, and Todd Browning, and the selection ranges across film history, national cinemas, and genres. But each has one thing in common: a devoted and growing audience.
The 500 include:
A Clockwork Orange o Harold and Maude o Liquid Sky o Diva o This Is Spinal Tap o Eraserhead o What's Up, Tiger Lilly o Dr. Strangelove o Freaks o Sid and Nancy o And many, many more
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