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Acting Lions: Unleashing Your Craft in Today's Lightning Fast World of Film, Television & Theatre

Acting Lions: Unleashing Your Craft in Today's Lightning Fast World of Film, Television & Theatre

Penny Templeton

ISBN: 9780615465692

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Acting has drastically changed from the days of Stanislavsky and the Group Theatre, when techniques were geared for the actor who would rehearse for 5 or 6 months, or more. Gradually, the business began speeding up, as television and film work increased and theatre rehearsals went from 8 weeks to 6 weeks, down to the current 4 weeks.
What didn't evolve was the way the techniques (the craft) were presented and used by the actor. I discovered that because of the fast paced industry, actors were increasingly abandoning their craft and acting by the "seat of their pants." This has led to "playing the words" and to work that, though real and believable, is in many cases uninspiring because it lacks depth, thought, and inspiration. I personally thought the craft needed to catch up
One of the misconceptions is that the craft of acting is only for theatre. The fact is that today, actors go from theatre to film to television; therefore the craft has to go with them. Today's actor is under constant pressure to deliver the goods faster and faster. They are constantly under fire in what often seems like hostile conditions in enemy territory. What should be a collaborative effort can feel like a battle just to survive. How do actors make themselves totally vulnerable to access the deepest emotions while coming under fire from all over the set? Actors need a bulletproof vest -- a strong and flexible acting technique that works for them, day in and day out, in this "act fast" world.
My entire career as an acting coach and teacher has been about developing and giving actors that technique. It began with my coaching Daytime actors on a 75 page full length "play" every day, and continues as I work with actors in Film, Television, and Theatre. I coach them and they keep me up date with good "intel" on what is happening in the trenches of the set. This helps keep me current and evolving. My actors are always ready to "act under fire." They can face the challenge of every acting situation without fear because they are armed with the bulletproof vest of their technique. In fact, they relish it
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