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Acting That Matters

Acting That Matters

Barry Pineo

ISBN: 9781581153811

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Trade Paperback

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Acting That Matters by Barry Pineo This groundbreaking guide defies most modern acting methods by rejecting emotion as an acting tool. With the help of this book, actors will see beyond the prevailing objective-obstacle approach and look primarily to the text the playwright provides. Actors, directors, and acting teachers will learn to separate the creative process into three distinct phases and discover how each relates to the others to create performances based in logic and truth. This volume shows actors how to find the key words and phrases, as well as techniques for scoring a script, finding proper tempo and rhythm, modulating volume and intensity, using theatrical stillness effectively, finding beat actions, listening to one's acting partners, and more. Expert tips are also provided for auditioning, cold reading, and taking direction. This is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting his or her acting to matter.
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