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All You Need to Know about the Movie and TV Business

All You Need to Know about the Movie and TV Business

Gail Resnik, Scott Trost

ISBN: 9780684800646

Whether one is pursuing the dream of acting, directing, or writing, or is interested in a career as a studio executive, agent, cinematographer, makeup artist, stuntman, or camera operator, Resnik and Trost present realistic assessments of career opportunities, offer savvy insights into how to play the Hollywood game, and explore in detail the legal ins and outs of the business.

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From getting the necessary training and understanding the intricate responsibilities of everyone behind or in front of the camera to getting your first break and avoiding career-specific pitfalls, "All You Need to Know About the Movie and TV Business" leads you topic by topic through
* A breakdown of job descriptions, from casting directors and key grips to stunt coordinators and film editors
* What kinds of deals actors, directors, writers, and producers make when they start out and when they hit the top
* How to protect and sell your creative work
* How movie deals are put together at studios and by independents
* The nuts and bolts of a boilerplate contract
* The notorious and mysterious world of profit participations, with a detailed explanation of why there's never any profit "net profit" deals
The entertainment industry can be an exciting, challenging landscape to negotiate. Having some valuable insight into how to make the most of your career in the movie or TV business can put you on the surest path to success.
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