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American Theatre: History, Context, Form

American Theatre: History, Context, Form

Theresa Saxon

ISBN: 9780748625925

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This book provides a brief yet informative evaluation of the variety and complexity of theatrical ventures in the United States. It embraces all epochs of theatre history, from pre-colonial Native American performance rituals and the endeavours of early colonisers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, to the end of the twentieth century, situating American theatre as a lively, dynamic and diverse arena.Theresa Saxon examines the implications of political manoeuvrings, economics - both state funded and commercial - race and gender, and material factors such as technology, riot and fire as major forces determining the structure of America's playhouses and productions.She investigates critical understandings of the term 'theatre, ' and assesses ways in which the various values of commerce, entertainment, education and dramatic production have informed the definition of theatre throughout America's history
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