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As You Like It CD

As You Like It CD

William Shakespeare

ISBN: 9780694516650

With a special introduction by Yale Professor and scholar Harold Bloom, this is a virtuoso performance of Shakespeare's idyllic romance, full of happy love and an optimistic philosophy of simple goodness, impeccably performed by Vanessa Redgrave, Keith Mitchell, Max Adrian, and a full cast. 2 CDs.

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All the world's a stage... - JaquesThe complete play in five acts. A Shakespeare Recording Society Production. As You Like It is quintessential Shakespearean comedy, complete with a loquacious clown, lovers, disguises, rifts and reconciliation's, and all within the atmospheric confines of the enchanted Forest of Arden. As the title suggests, As You Like It is a play in which everyone gets their way, where sinners are redeemed and where love holds sway over all. And because it is Shakespeare, even so light a comedy contains a wealth of keen observations about humanity in general, and in particular about the age-old tension between so-called civilized society and the state of nature from which it evolved. No less poetically-accomplished than Shakespeare's' more serious works, As You Like It is a stimulating literary pleasure from start to finish.
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