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Bye Bye Birdie: Deluxe Souvenir Edition - Full Length Musical

Bye Bye Birdie: Deluxe Souvenir Edition

Hal Leonard

Full Length Musical

ISBN: 9780634067044

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: Trade Paperback

Full Length Musical

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(Vocal Selections). This deluxe edition includes 15 full-color pages with photos from 5 productions of the timeless musical, plus bios, an article and synopsis, and more. Includes 18 vocal selections: Bye Bye Birdie * Kids * Put on a Happy Face * Rosie * and more.
BYE BYE BIRDIE played on Broadway for 607 performances at the Martin Beck Theatre and 268 performances in London at Her Majesty's Theatre.
Albert Peterson – Conrad Birdie's manager, who formerly aspired to be an English teacher. Rose "Rosie"

Alvarez – Albert's secretary and long-suffering girlfriend.

Conrad Birdie – a 1950s rock and roll star a la Elvis Presley.

Kim MacAfee – a teenage girl who is chosen to receive the 'one last kiss' from Conrad Birdie who lives in Sweet Apple.

Mr. MacAfee – Kim and Randolph's befuddled father.

Mrs. MacAfee – Kim and Randolph's mother.

Randolph MacAfee – Kim's well-behaved younger brother.

Hugo Peabody – Kim's boyfriend or "steady" who is quite jealous of Conrad (relationship showed in first preview of Sweet Apple, "Telephone Hour").

Mae Peterson – Albert's overbearing and prejudiced mother.

Ursula Merkle – Kim's hyperactive best friend, a Conrad Birdie enthusiast.

Gloria Rasputin – A curvaceous blonde. Mae brings her to Albert, hoping she will be chosen over Rosie.

The Mayor – the mayor of Sweet Apple.

The Mayor's Wife – his repressed wife.

Ed Sullivan – the host of the Ed Sullivan Show; an unseen character.

Mrs. Merkle - Ursula's mother.

Mr. Johnson - Harvey's father.

Maude - owner of Maude's Roadside Retreat; 2nd tenor in male quartet and part of the adult ensemble.

Deborah Sue Miller - One of Kim's best friends. Solo in "Telephone Hour".

Margie Johnson - Harvey's sister (this is not mentioned in most versions). Solo in "Telephone Hour".

Alice - The Mayor's daughter, another one of Kim's best friends. Solo in "Telephone Hour".

Helen - Solo in "Telephone Hour".

Nancy - Solo in "Telephone Hour".

Harvey Johnson - The nerdy son of Mr. Johnson. Solo in "Telephone Hour".

Penelope Ann Henkel - Solo in "Telephone Hour".

Phyllis - a teenager who moves by wheelchair.

Charity Garfein- Solo in "Telephone Hour", asked out by

Harvey Johnson Suzie - possible friend, but has doubt in Hugo and Kim's relationship. Solo in "Telephone Hour."

Lee - Close friend to Phyllis, he helps her with her wheelchair.

Freddie - boyfriend, of Alice.

Karl - friend. Solo in "Telephone Hour."

Bob - friend
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