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Chapel of Gore and Psychosis: The Grand Guignol Theatre

Chapel of Gore and Psychosis: The Grand Guignol Theatre

Jack Hunter

ISBN: 9781840681871

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: Trade Paperback
The Grand Guignol Theatre in Paris, founded by Oscar Metenier in 1897, soon became world-renowned for staging wild and bizarre spectacles of madness, mutilation, horror and death. The theatre's dark prince was Andr de Lorde, whose gore-drenched psychodramas of medical and surgical horror included A Crime In The Madhouse, The Horrible Experiment, and The System Of Dr. Goudron and Pr. Plume (included here in a brand new translation). CHAPEL OF GORE & PSYCHOSIS charts the entire history of the Grand Guignol, from its inception to its closure in 1962. It references and describes dozens of stage productions, and also contains a whole section on films which were either based on, or inspired by, the Grand Guignol and its works. The book is illustrated throughout with over 70 photographs and illustrations, and includes a stunning 16-page full colour section that features vintage poster art by the artist Adrien Barr re, amongst others. As well as a new translation of De Lorde, the book also features the first-ever English translation of a revelatory and scandalous memoir by Paula Maxa, first female superstar of the Grand Guignol. CHAPEL OF GORE & PSYCHOSIS will soon become the essential English-language resource for all who wish to study the history, influence and cultural importance of the Grand Guignol Theatre.
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