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Children of Eden: Vocal Selections - Full Length Musical

Children of Eden: Vocal Selections

Hal Leonard

Full Length Musical

ISBN: 9781423411048

Book by John Caird
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Based on a concept by Charles Lisanby

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Trade Paperback

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Full Length Musical

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(Vocal Selections). 12 vocal selections from the Stephen Schwartz musical based on the Book of Genesis. Includes: Ain't It Good? * Children of Eden * Close to Home * The Hardest Part of Love * In Pursuit of Excellence * In the Beginning * In Whatever Time We Have * Lost in the Wilderness * The Spark of Creation * Stranger to the Rain * The Wasteland * A World Without You.
"An expansive, ambitious musical - a rich score [with] pageantry and sweep." -L.A. Times

"An affectionate show with a large heart -- Stylish, entertaining and often moving." -Roanoke Times
CHILDREN OF EDEN was initially being developed in workshop at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Composer Stephen Schwartz had gone to London at the request of director/librettist John Caird but, while working on the show, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher slashed the theatre company's budget forcing the cancellation of their season and elimination of all developmental funding. A decision was eventually made to open the show directly on the West End, where it premiered on January 8th, 1991. Later, Schwartz admitted that that production was "like staging a first draft...we just weren't ready for a commercial production." With mixes reviews and a decline in tourism, due to the Gulf War, the production shuttered after only three months. It closed on April 6th, 1991. Following the closing, Schwartz began to tweak and rework the musical through various regional productions across the U.S. In 1997, New Jersey's Paper Mill Playhouse mounted a reworked version to much success. The cast featured Stephanie Mills and Adrian Zmed, and spawned a 2-disc cast recording. In December of 2003, CHILDREN OF EDEN arrived in New York City as a one-night-only, all-star benefit concert.
ABEL / HAM Abel: Cain's younger and more conservative brother who follows the “rules”. He chooses his parents over Cain. Ham: Japeth's middle brother and Aphra’s husband. He is not as docile as Japheth, nor as hot headed as Shem. Looks up to and follows Shem’s lead. Male, 18-30 yrs old Range: B3 - G5

ADAM / NOAH Adam: Eve's bright and childlike partner. He is initially devout to Father and loving to his wife & children. Later plagued by guilt. Hard-working and reserved. Noah: rough but simple. He is unsophisticated and shrewd, but also warm and loyal. He builds the ark to save his family and honor Father. Male, 25-35 yrs old Range: A3 - A5

APHRA Ham’s pregnant wife. Longs for the flood to be over and is constantly worrying. Female, 20-30 yrs old Range: B3 - E5

AYSHA Shem’s wife. Cynically bitter and constantly accusing those aboard the ark. Female, 20-30 yrs old Range: B3 - E5 CAIN /

JAPHETH Cain: Abel's older, adventurous brother. Follows in his mother’s footsteps and longs for the companionship of other humans. He is strong, stubborn, and independent. Japeth: in love with Yonah and is willing to sacrifice his life to be with her. He is Noah's youngest son. Clever, rebellious, stubborn. Male, 18-25 yrs old Range: B3 - A5


EVE / MAMA Eve: curious and questioning, smart and excited. Chose an imperfect life of knowledge over a perfect life of innocence. Mama: Noah's wife and inherently motherly. She possesses a gentle strength, is reassuring, and serves as the mediator of the family. Female, 25-35 yrs old Range: G3 - A5

FATHER An older looking, impressive man. A true father figure, he wants the best for all of his children but parents with a firm hand. Protective, loving, and reminiscent of God. Male, 35-55 yrs old Range: G3 - A5

SETH / SHEM Seth: Adam and Eve’s third son and their family's second chance at life. He is innocently adventurous. Shem: the oldest of Noah's three sons. Married to Aysha, he is impulsive, strong, and hot-tempered. Male, 20-30 yrs old Range: B3 - E5

YONAH Noah’s servant who falls in love with Japheth and becomes his wife. A descendent of Cain. She is strong, yet humble, kind, and smart. Female, 20-30 yrs old Range: G3 - G5

YOUNG ABEL The younger of the two brothers. Favors his father in personality. Obedient and devout. Male, 8-11 yrs old Range: B3 - D5

YOUNG CAIN The older of the two brothers. Is curious and questioning like his mother. Intense. Male, 10-13 yrs old Range: B3 - D5
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