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Comic Book Movies

Comic Book Movies

David Hughes

ISBN: 9780753512630

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Trade Paperback

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Superheroes are back Since the 1970s, the film world has found inspiration in comic books and graphic novels. Now, no summer is complete without a major blockbuster movie based on a comic, including "Superman," "Batman," "Spider-Man," "X-Men," "Men in Black," "Daredevil," and "The Hulk." Modern special effects have made large-scale superhero epics possible, while the diversity of the comics being published has made for a wide variety of subjects, as evidenced by "Ghost World," "From Hell," "Akira," and "Road to Perdition." This book details 20 key titles, covering every step of the development from comic book panel to feature film frame. It includes interviews with key creative artists about the evolution of the films from the original comics, and speculates about future films. It explains development, production, sequels, and spin-offs, and analyzes the huge success of the "Superman" and "Batman" franchises and such misfires as "Mystery Men" and "Dick Tracy."
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