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Conversations with Actors on Film, Television, and Stage Performance

Conversations with Actors on Film, Television, and Stage Performance

Carole Zucker

ISBN: 9780325003726

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What draws actors to acting? How do they train? What makes a great performance? What emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual resources are necessary to interpret a character? What is the difference between American and British actor training and resulting styles of acting? How do foreign-born actors fare in landing parts? Is multiculturalism an issue? Rare and remarkable is the book that provides a forum for actors to answer these and many more questions, to discuss their own life experiences, and to examine the craft and the creative process that combines the talents of so many in the making of each film, theatre, or television performance. This book of original interviews conducted by Carole Zucker does just that by exploring the experiences of six American and six British performers: TOMMY LEE JONES SIR PETER USTINOV CHRISTINE LAHTI HELEN MIRREN RICHARD DREYFUSS JAMES FOX MARY STEENBURGEN TOM CONTI JOHN LITHGOW KERRY FOX LINDSAY CROUSE ROSHAN SETH Articulate and forthcoming speakers, these actors reveal a rich variety of backgrounds and training, and an even greater range of approaches to the craft of acting. Some prepare for roles based on extensive research or the construction of elaborate backstories. Others, like Richard Dreyfuss and Tom Conti, rely on a deceptively simple, instinctual image. Whatever the means, the goal is the same: Each actor is searching for the truth of a character, a way to mold ideas and scripts into an unforgettable story that will move and inspire us. As Zucker notes, "Acting is not pretending, but being, having the craft and the courage to let the truth of the moment filter through you." Above all, acting is a shared experience-and here, through Zucker's perceptive and skillful questions, these actors share their experiences in candid, often moving responses.
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