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Dedicated to the End - Full Length Play, Comedy

Dedicated to the End

Peter DePietro

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Full Length Play, Comedy

6m, 6f, 2m or f

ISBN: 9780573690310

"You're consumed by the mystery. The whole world could have collapsed around us and we'd still be chasing the killer. After the resolution, the performers got a standing ovation." - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

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: Acting Edition

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Full Length Play



Time Period - Contemporary


Audience Participation/Interactive

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes

Congressman Richfield is giving his acceptance speech on the eve of his election as Governor of New York when bullets start to fly. The intended victim is missed, but not for long. His wild, irresponsible son stages his own kidnaping and a madame, turned FBI informant, is killed because she knows too much. When a bitter female reporter uncovers organized crime links in the Governor elect's background, the audience is sure it's on to the killer. But then diary notes and possible love interests surface. Who could it be? Certainly not Ms. Pinkbottom, the punctilious, loyal secretary to Mr. Richfield! A tough nosed detective dressed undercover in female garb tips his wig and takes over an investigation that is comical chaos at its best.

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"You're consumed by the mystery. The whole world could have collapsed around us and we'd still be chasing the killer. After the resolution, the performers got a standing ovation." - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
DEDICATED TO THE END was first performed at the Henrietta Marriott Hotel in Rochester, New York on February 28, 1986. Directed by Peter DePietro.


6m, 6f, 2m or f


N/A (Not a musical)

DETECTIVE GEORGE BLOOMBERG - undercover FBI agent, here investigating a Mafia scam in drag as Georgette Bloom, good-natured but a hard-driving sleuth, wonderful sense of humor, balding, 35-40 years old.
VELMA VIXEN - madam of a Washington brothel, FBI informant helping George with his Mafia investigation, brassy and loud, outrageously dressed, Rodney Richfield's natural mother, 45-50 years old.
STANLEY J. RICHFIELD - typical politician: intelligent, articulate, artificially sincere. Presently New York State's senator in Washington D.C. running for Governor of NY State, attractive and well-groomed, 50-60 years old.
DORIS RICHFIELD - second wife of Stanley, bourgeois and arrogant, Stanley's biggest fan - always a supporter, sometimes confuses love with money, attractive in a plain New England way, 45-50 years old.
RODNEY RICHFIELD - flaky son of Stanley and Velma; however, he believes that Stanley's first wife, Camille Cockfoster, is his mother. Practical joker, spoiled and bored with life, unemployed graduate of Harvard where he created his own major (Thespian Sociology: how theatre people interact in the real world), 24-28 years old.
NAN BEAUMONT - aggressive newspaper reporter currently working for USA Daily, outspoken and sarcastic, overly confident, physically attractive, statuesque, had a short-lived affair with Stanley 9 years ago, 40-50 years old.
TORTELLINI FUSILLI - ex-hooker who worked for Velma, buxom and very attractive, appears sophisticated - not cheap, until she speaks - has a strong Italian or Brooklyn accent, loud mouth, daughter of a pasta entrepreneur from Milan, 28-30 years old.
LUIGI ROSETTI - hot-tempered Italian, domineering and intimidating with everyone; however Tortellini often puts him in his place, handsome, 45-55 years old.
JULIE PINKBOTTOM - punctilious, dedicated secretary of Stanley for 8 years, emotionally unstable, deeply in love with Stanley; they are secretly having an affair, sweet and charming outside, vindictive inside, 30 years old.
ANTONIO SCUNGILLI (alias BIG DADDY ) - short, tough Italian mob leader, gruff voice, 40-60 years.
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N/A (Not a musical)

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