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The Crime Drama

The Crime Drama

Sue Turnbull

ISBN: 9780748640874

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Crime dramas have been a broadcast staple since their transition from film and radio to small-screen television in the 1950s. Since that decade, from "Dixon of Dock Green" to "The Wire," and from "Minder" to "The Sopranos" and "Dexter," crime dramas have continued to attract large audiences even as the depiction of the crime, the perpetrators, and the investigators has changed.

This book conducts a historical analysis of television crime as a genre, paying close attention not only to the nature of the shows themselves but also the context of their production and reception. More than a chonological overview, this volume uses case studies to illuminate key issues in the trajectory of the genre. It particularly focuses on the transnational development of the television crime drama, including British and American examples, and follows the production of these series in global contexts, such as other European countries and Australia. In terms of reception, Sue Turnbull conducts original research on the perception of television crime in nations that broadcast American, British, and other European shows, along with local productions. Finally, Turnbull canvasses the future of television crime series through a discussion of the changing television landscape and the shift to other forms of audience consumption enabled by new digital technologies.

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