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Dario Argento

Dario Argento

James Gracey

ISBN: 9781842433188

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Trade Paperback

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The stylistic and bloody excesses of the films of Dario Argento are instantly recognizable--his films lock violent deaths in a twisted embrace with an almost sexual beauty. Narrative and logic are often lost in a constant bombardment of atmosphere, technical mastery, and provocative imagery. Setting the tone with earlier gialli films such as "The Animal Trilogy" and "Deep Red," Argento has steadily pushed the boundaries; through his elaborately gothic fairytales "Suspiria" and "Inferno," right up to his more recent contributions to Showtime's "Masters of Horror" series and the conclusion of his Three Mothers trilogy, "Mother of Tears: The Third Mother." Along the way, his prowling camera work, pounding scores, and stylistic bloodshed have only gained in intensity and opulence. Argento continues to create inimitable and feverishly violent films with a level of artistry rarely seen in horror films. His high profile and mastery of the genre is confirmed with his role as producer on celebrated classics such as George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" and Lamberto Bava's "Demons."
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