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Dead Souls; Spring '71

Dead Souls; Spring '71

Arthur Adamov

ISBN: 9781840026849

Features two stories such as: "Dead Souls", which follows the arrival in a small town of the protagonist, Chichikov, and his strange money-making scheme; and "Spring 71", a play about the Paris Commune, using symbolic interludes to cover the subject's his

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"Born in Russia, Arthur Adamov was educated in Geneva and Paris and wrote in French. His avant-garde and often political plays were grouped with the Theatre of the Absurd, but he felt that they were about life, and that life, while often difficult, was never absurd. This volume brings together his two major works in stunning translations by Peter Meyer, originally commissioned by BBC Radio. Dead Souls is Adamov's dramatisation of Gogol's blackly comic novel. Mysterious entrepreneur Tchitchikov approaches the landowners and bureaucrats of a provincial town with the proposal that he will buy the 'dead souls' of deceased peasants, and in the process exposes a society filled with paranoia and corruption. Motivated in part by his own communist sympathies, Spring '71 reflects Adamov's view of the Paris Commune in 1871. A rich and complex depiction of a city in the throes of major upheaval, it interweaves satire, history and tragedy to show how the stories of normal people influence - and are influenced by - the onward march of history."
Arthur Adamov

Arthur Adamov

Arthur Adamov, (born Aug. 23, 1908, Kislovodsk, Russia—died March 16, 1970, Paris, Fr.), is an avant-garde writer, a founder and major playwright of the Theatre of the Absurd. In 1912 Adamov’s wealthy Armenian family left Russia and settled in Freudenstadt, Ger. He was subsequently educated in Geneva, Mainz, and Paris, where, having mastered French, he settled in 1924, associating with ... view full profile

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