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The Devil's Guide to Hollywood: The Screenwriter as God!

The Devil's Guide to Hollywood: The Screenwriter as God!

Joe Eszterhas

ISBN: 9780312373849

Hollywood's legendary bad-boy screenwriter tells everything he knows about the business, its habits, and its players after his 30 years in filmmaking.

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"There's just one hunk of funny anecdote after another, quotes from everyone who ever mattered in the movie biz, and the thing is jam-packed with screenwriterly advice. Plus it's hilariously funny, ribald, sexy and brilliant."--Liz Smith
In "The Devil's Guide to Hollywood," bestselling author and legendary bad-boy screenwriter Joe Eszterhas tells everything he knows about the industry, its players and screenwriting itself--from the first blank sheet of paper in the Olivetti to the size of the credit on the one-sheet.
Often practical and always entertaining, "The Devil's Guide to Hollywood" distills everything one of Hollywood's most accomplished screenwriters knows about the business, from writing advice to negotiation tricks, from the wisdom of past players to the feuds of current ones. Eszterhas has selected his personal pantheon of the most loved and loathed players in the business and treats the reader to a treasure trove of stories, quotes and wisdom from those luminaries, who include William Goldman (loathes) and Zsa Zsa Gabor (loves).
"The Devil's Guide to Hollywood" could only have been written by someone who loves the business as much as Eszterhas does--but who also has its number.
"Eszterhas delivers a dishy, catty mix of reminiscences and Hollywood trivia his forte is skewering sycophants and phonies in this opinionated showcase of the underside of Hollywood life."--"Publishers Weekly"
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