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American Independent 2

American Independent 2

Intellect Ltd

ISBN: 9781841506128

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Trade Paperback

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From Andy Warhol's Factory films to Roger Corman's exploitation productions to contemporary features backed by Hollywood studio subdivisions, American independent cinema has undergone several incarnations since its emergence as a politically charged underground movement in the 1960s. Today, with high-profile Academy Award nominations and an increasing number of big-name actors eager to sign on to promising projects, these films garner more interest than ever before. Newly revised and expanded, the "Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2" extends its chronicle of the independent sector's rise as an outlet for directors who both challenge the status quo and enjoy considerable box office appeal--without sacrificing critical legitimacy. In addition to essays on such genres as African-American films, documentary, and queer cinema, this volume features new sections devoted to "brutal youth," dream factory, religion, and war movies. It also includes one hundred and fifty reviews of significant American independent films--ranging from such cult classics as "Faces," "My Hustler," and "Supervixens" to recent releases like "Drive," "Mysterious Skin, " and "Win Win." In addition to interviews with and profiles of influential directors, a wide array of color illustrations and a range of suggested research resources round out the "Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2." At a time when independent films are enjoying considerable cultural cachet, this easy-to-use yet authoritative guide will find an eager audience among media historians, film studies scholars, and movie buffs alike.
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