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Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars

Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars

Trisha Biggar

ISBN: 9780810959644

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Trade Publication

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In addition to all the features of the regular book, The Limited Edition special features are as follows - hardcover with French-fold jacket encased in an elegant clamshell box with an Obi Wrap cloth overlay in Japanese silk. Six bound-in booklets on the Jedi council, royalty, military, senators, Rogues gallery and farmers. A special accordion-fold insert depicting costume evolution inside the workshop. Eight bound-in booklets on headdresses, classic costumes, footwear, 'Dressing Bail Organa', jewellery and Darth Vader. Also includes a costume index by character for six films in the Saga, 16 additional pages of colour photographs and fabric swatches cut from the same bolts as the Saga's actual costume material originating from the Lucasfilm archives, including Darth Vader's cape and a replica "Wookiee Belt-Buckle" with Certificate of Authenticity.
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