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Enigmas: Short Plays 1979-1982

Enigmas: Short Plays 1979-1982

Eric Basso

ISBN: 9781878580603

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Trade Paperback

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Drama. Bettina L. Knapp, author of THEATRE AND ALCHEMY, wrote of Eric Basso's mammoth drama trilogy, THE GOLEM TRIPTYCH: The plays are memorable: imaginative, sensitive, and deeply gripping... Gone is the world of pseudo-certainties relied upon by many today to keep body and soul afloat. Gone as well is the dividing line between life and death, conscious and unconscious, dream and reality. Instead, presides the infinite unknown with all of its wondrous and terrifying possibilities--both human and divine. This volume brings together all the short plays of Eric Basso: Enigmas (a trilogy of one-acts), plus The Armoire and Adele Pierre. Along with the three new books THE BEAK DOCTOR, THE CATWALK WATCH and ENIGMAS, Basso is the author of ACCIDENTAL MONSTERS, also published by Asylum Arts and available from SPD.
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