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Erik the Viking

Erik the Viking

Terry Jones

ISBN: 9781557830548

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Trade Paperback

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(Applause Books). This is a story of a Viking warrior who thought there must be more to life than rape and pillage. Erick's doubts about his own lifestyle begin when he inadvertently falls in love with a rather pretty girl he has just killed. Not that he meant to kill her, you understand, but this being the legendary Age of Ragnarok killing people is rather in fashion, and mishaps are bound to occur. According to the Old Norse legend, this is the age when Fenrir the Wolf has swallowed the Sun, and the Great Winter has settled over the World. It is an Axe Age, a Sword Age, when brother will turn against brother, and men will fight each other until the World is finally destroyed...unless...unless someone can awaken the gods and bring the Sun back to shine upon the Earth once again. Comedy, spectacular adventure and pure fantasy combine to tell this story of a man's attempt to bring peace to a war-torn world.
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